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Russian Old Believer Community in Moscow, architectural Ensemble of Rogozhskaya Sloboda: Cathedral of Intercession of Most Holy Theotokos, Church of Nativity of Christ, Church-Bell Tower of Resurrection of Christ, Metropolis building, Rogozhskoye cemetery.




Rogozhskaya Zastava Spiritual Centre of the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church.  
Rogozhskaya Sloboda is a historical district of Moscow that emerged in the late 16th century. Old-rite merchant families traditionally settled there and the district became the spiritual centre for Moscow’s old believers’ community. Today, the architectural ensemble counts 50 buildings, including the cathedral Church of the Nativity of Christ, Cathedral of the Intercession, the main cathedral for the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church. The site is home to the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church’s Metropolitan.
Metropolitan Korniliy, Primate of Russian Old Believer Church: "The Old Beliefs are the Christianity that Prince Vladimir brought to Russia ten centuries ago. The Old Believers are the most Russian of all the Russian people and the most Orthodox of them as well".
The Old-believers’ Rogozhskoe cemetery in Moscow likewise bears its history from during the reign of Empress Catherine II. Cemeteries are considered special places in Old-believers’ religious culture as being secretive locations where the faithful could gather together for communal prayers without significant impediments.
The first church built was dedicated to St. Nicholas. Then was constructed a great chapel in honor of the most-holy Theotokos, in particular, in honor of the holyday of her protection (Pokrov). It was unequaled in Moscow as per the volume of its interior.
During Napoleon’s invasion of 1812, the French captured the Rogozhski complex, but the rogozhane had time to flee and hide the main treasures. At the expulsion of Napoleon from Moscow, the capitol was occupied by the Don Cossacks, most of whom were old-believers. The famous Ataman Platov (of the Don Cossacks) was also an old-believer. He presented his mobile church (still extant) to the Rogozhski complex.
The Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church (or Russian Orthodox Oldritualist Church, Russian Orthodox Old-Ritualist Church) (Russian: Русская Православная Старообрядческая Церковь) is an Eastern Orthodox Church of the Old Believers tradition, which rejected the liturgical and canonical reforms of Patriarch Nikon in the second half of 17th century (Old Believers). It is one of the two Old Believers churches that belong to the Belokrinitskaya Hierarchy - together with the Orthodox Old-Rite Church, sometimes also called Lipovan Orthodox Old-Rite Church.
Since the 18th century until the Council of 1988, the official self-designation of this Church was the Old Orthodox Church of Christ (Древлеправославная Церковь Христова) which should not be confused with Russian Old-Orthodox Church, another church of the Old Believers. Drevlepravoslavie ("Old/Ancient Orthodoxy") was the common self-designation of the Old Believers and their cause since the 17th century. 

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