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воскресенье, 7 июля 2013 г.

Tyrol ( Tirol ). A voyage to Tyrol, Austria ( Österreich ), Europe - Innsbruck, Kufstein, Telfs, Schwaz, Hall in Tirol, Wörgl, Lienz, Imst, Rum, St. Johann in Tirol, Kitzbühel, Landeck...

Mountain ranges converge in picture-perfect Tirol (also spelled Tyrol).
The place easily captures quintessential Alpine scenery. In the northeast and southwest are superb ski resorts.
In the southeast, separated somewhat from the main state since part of South Tirol was ceded to Italy at the end of WWI, lies the protected natural landscape of the Hohe Tauern National Park, and Grossglockner (3797m), the country’s highest peak. Back further west, in the middle of the main state, Innsbruck is the region’s jewel.

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2 комментария:

Filip and Kristel комментирует...

The Alps, the most beautiful mountains in the world.


Shirley комментирует...

These are pretty amazing shots; from the cities' architecture to the alps in the sunrise.. breath-taking. Each photograph is worth a thousand smiles from every eyes who see it. :)