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воскресенье, 5 августа 2012 г.

Zaragoza ( Saragossa ). A voyage to Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, Europe.

Zaragoza (Saragossa) is a vibrant, elegant and fascinating city. Located on the banks of the mighty Río Ebro, the residents comprise over half of Aragón's population and enjoy a lifestyle that revolves around some of the best tapas bars in the province, as well as superb shopping and a vigorous nightlife. But Zaragoza is so much more than just a good-time city: it also has a host of historical sights spanning all the great civilisations that have left their indelible mark on the Spanish soul.
Zaragoza (Saragossa) rocks and rolls – and that’s just the traffic. The feisty citizens of this great city on the banks of the mighty Río Ebro can rock with the best of them as well. They make up over half of Aragón’s population, the result of the most intense rural-urban drift of Spain’s past 200 years of often agonising modernisation. The result is a city bursting at the seams.
Yet enshrined at the heart of the city’s encircling mass of functional modern buildings and traffic-bound streets is a more people-friendly Spanish casco (old town) crammed with historic buildings and with a colourful traditional identity. Intriguing archaeology, fine art and architecture, and dozens of lively bars, clubs and stylish restaurants rub shoulders happily here and with ambitious building programmes planned, Zaragoza seems set for even more partying.

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