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суббота, 14 июля 2012 г.

Slovenia ( Slovenija ). A voyage to Slovenia, Europe - Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Velenje, Koper, Novo mesto, Piran, lake Bled...

Snow-capped peaks, turquoise-green rivers, and an Adriatic coastline inspired by Venice. Throughout Slovenia, a culinary and cultural sophistication hides behind a rural, rustic charm.

Fresh-Air Pursuits

Slovenia is an outdoor destination. Of course, there are great museums and historic churches here too, but the locals seem to favour active holidays, and you’ll be invited – even expected – to join in. The most popular pursuits remain mountain walks and hikes, though increasingly Slovenians are discovering cycling (especially in the capital, Ljubljana). Fast rivers like the Soča cry out to be rafted and there are ample chances to try out more esoteric activities like horseback riding, ballooning, caving and diving. If all this sounds a bit much, you can always decamp to the coast and sunbathe on the Adriatic.

Scenic Beauty

Slovenia offers pristine landscape in the middle of Europe, with soaring vistas of Alpine peaks, hills and dales straight out of a 19th-century landscape painting, and sparkling lakes and rivers that appear to be underlit by emeralds. Slovenians are well-attuned to natural beauty, and the inclination is nearly always to protect and preserve it. Where man intrudes, it’s often to good effect, such as at Lake Bled, where a tiny baroque chapel atop Bled Island and a dramatic cliffside castle complete a harmonious whole. You may well return from your holiday thinking Slovenia is the prettiest country you've ever seen.

Friendly Faces

The people are the 'X' factor in any visit to a foreign land, and rest assured you’ll find plenty of friendly faces here. Wherever you go, you’ll get an enthusiastic, helpful, welcoming and (often) English-speaking response. Numbering only around 2 million people, Slovenians perform well above their weight class in international sport, science, academics and even philosophy. In the days of old Yugoslavia, Slovenia was regarded as the most open of the country’s republics, and it’s not any different today. Slovenians are proud of their country and happy to show it off.

Food & Drink

Slovenian cooking borrows a little from each of its neighbours – Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Balkans – synthesizing and reinventing dishes that emerge both familiar and unique. The ‘Slovenian’ touch, as it were, might well be a local obsession for using only fresh and (where possible) locally sourced ingredients. The result is a terrific foodie destination, where you’ll sample dishes in unusual combinations featuring items like buckwheat groats or mashed beans you may not be familiar with. Slovenian wine, both white or red, is an unheralded strength, and regional varietals pair well with local specialities.

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Solo Backpacker комментирует...

Thanks for sharing the stunning images..very beautiful.

umashankar комментирует...

It is probably the most stunning photographic travelogue I have stumbled upon this year. Those images, each and everyone of them, make the art of photography proud. Carry on conquering, Alexander!